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+ A_DISTANT *S*T*A*R by Relaxn + A_DISTANT *S*T*A*R by Relaxn
I wanted to revamp Ali a bit. o3o; So I simplified her design and made her backstory more interesting.
I also wanted a Cybunny at Neopets and thought I'd toss said Cybunny into Ali's story.

So here they are, mother and daughter~

Ali hasn't changed much. I simplified her design and redid her backstory. Her motivation for flirting is also different, but that's pretty much it. n_n

I can't remember what... but I did something very bad.

Name: Ali
Real Name: Alison
Age: 22 (in human years)
Species: Lupe (Neopets)
Title: Former Queen of the Sun Kingdom
Status: Amnesiac

Personality: Bratty and bitchy, Ali loves to flirt for the ego boost it gives her. Though she wouldn't admit it, she also wouldn't say no to the occasional one-night stand (though not often enough to qualify as a slut; just enough to satisfy her needs). She's very spoiled and feels entitled to everything. Deep down, however, she does care, and she wants to be a good mother to her daughter. Despite her questionable actions, she tries to shield Lina from her own sexual decisions.
She doesn't get easily depressed and tends to get angry rather than sad. As such, she has a temper on her.

I don't remember and.... I don't.... WANT to remember.

Name: Lina
Real Name: Niya
Age: 6 (in human years)
Species: Cybunny (Neopets)
Title: Former Princess of the Sun Kingdom
Status: Amnesiac

Personality: Despite not being a big reader, Lina's a bit of a geek. She's into technology and even has a ray gun (though it's not deadly; it's more like a taser than a handgun) -- something she stole from her father before going back in time. Even though science is a risky business, Lina is actually quite cautious and paranoid; she knows what the dangers of this world are and fears every one of them. While other children believe in fairy tales and the world being a magical place, Lina knows what the world is truly like and she has the gun to prove it (thanks for that, *Roqi <3). She's still a rather sweet girl, if not a little socially inept. However, she unfortunately inherited her mother's temper.

Their History: Ali was born a princess in the Moon Kingdom. However, she believed that because she was royalty, she deserved to have anything she wanted and should be allowed to do anything she wanted. Her father, the king, disagreed and was rather strict with her in an attempt to mold her into a good future queen. Ali's mother indulged her, though, behind the king's back; this only furthered Ali's bratty and selfish attitude.

The Moon Kingdom had an enemy; the Sun Kingdom and it's royals. The Sun Kingdom lacked a queen; only the King (I haven't given him a name, so he'll be called SK from here on out) and his sister, Lina.

On Ali's 14th birthday, a big party was held in celebration. Lina, through use of magic, managed to sneak into the party as a guest. While there, Lina witnessed Ali pull tantrum after tantrum, unhappy with every bit of the party as she believed it wasn't good enough. In exasperation, the king said he would cut the party short; instead of lasting through the night, it would end just after dinner and dessert. In addition, Ali would not be allowed to have any of her birthday gifts until a week later, as punishment for her ungratefulness. This all resulted in Ali's largest tantrum yet. Lina saw her opportunity; after Ali's tantrum, Lina quietly slipped up to her. She asked the princess how she felt about her father. Ali replied that she hated him. Pleased with this answer, Lina offered to get rid of the king for good; Ali eagerly accepted and for the next year, the two met in secret to plan how they would kill Ali's father.

The day of Ali's 15th birthday, she let soldiers from the Sun Kingdom -- with Lina in the lead -- into the Moon Kingdom's castle. Once inside, they launched a surprise attack on the Moon Kingdom, who were unprepared for such an event. The Moon Kingdom lost, Ali's family was killed, and eventually the Moon Kingdom was destroyed completely -- all because Ali selfishly helped the Sun Kingdom do it.

After that, Ali began living in the Sun Kingdom and eventually married SK. At age 16, she had their daughter Niya. This, however, had not been what Lina had had in mind. Originally, she rallied with her brother and Ali in the hopes of eventually using Ali to overthrow SK so that she, Lina, could become ruler of the Sun Kingdom. Despite Ali's marital status, Lina still tried to follow through with her plan. Ali refused, having finally gotten the spoiled rotten life she had sought. So, Lina decided to try and take over on her own; she had made friends with the soldiers and guards that she had led against the Moon Kingdom, and they helped her in her quest. They all did a pretty good job, too.

Ali and Niya, however, weren't so lucky. Dying, Niya used the last of her magical power to send her and her mother to the past in the hopes of staying alive and preventing their deaths. She succeeded, and they ended up in our present time. However, the process ended up making them forget what had happened; shadows of memories involving their pasts existed, but they weren't clear enough to get an idea of what happened. All Ali remembered was her name and the fact that she did something very bad (destroying her kingdom and killing her family), though she had no idea what it was she had done. Niya only remembered that she was Ali's daughter, and the name 'Lina', which Niya believed to be hers. Now they search for the key to their pasts, though they're not quite sure they want to know what all their pasts entail.

And if Ali doesn't meet with SK some time in the future, Niya (now Lina) may cease to exist at all. The trouble with that is that, even if they regain their memories, they don't know how far back in time they've gone. So who knows how much time Niya has left?

Ali Trivia:

- Angular eyes (for alluring effect)
- Usually only flies in quad form; there are more modes of transportation for anthro forms, rendering her wings more unnecessary
- Favorite color is black and always wear complimenting colors with it (such as shades of light blues, reds, and pinks)
- Can hold her liquor quite well and prefers sweet-flavored alcoholic drinks -- beer tastes disgusting to her
- Is surprisingly good with children
- Doesn't really want a commitment, but may change her mind if the right man comes along
- Not a big eater

Lina Trivia:

- Circular eyes
- VERY thick hair; hair will grow rather long should she survive to adulthood
- Gets most of her colorings from her mother and her markings from her father
- Doesn't really like books that aren't made for educational purposes; she finds reading stories -- fictional or otherwise -- pointless and boring
- While smart for her age, she's horrible at explaining things and doesn't like doing it, so she keeps quiet about her knowledge
- Wants friends but is too afraid of the capabilities of humans to try making any
- Her fear of humans came from her life as a princess; she knew what her father and aunt did to her mother's former home
- But she of course doesn't remember that that's where her fear came from
- Doesn't remember where her ray gun comes from, but subconsciously knows how to use it (though she doesn't know why)
- Dislikes alcohol and whenever she catches Ali drinking, she lectures her mother over it

If the time travel thing is confusing regarding the existence of these two, I'll explain it: Ali will still exist because nothing is preventing her parents getting together. When her parents have her, Ali will disappear from our present time and go to the Moon Kingdom in her infant body (she will also retain her memories from her time in our present). If her future self doesn't give birth by SK before she turns 17, Niya will cease to exist.

Ali, Lina Me
Lupes, Cybunnies Neopets
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Roqi Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Oooh, I like that story a lot! Never heard anything like it before. o-o Fascinating idea, gee. I wonder how will it end... What became of the SK and his sister after those two escaped?

One thing that I find unfitting is that you've kinda made Lina too smart and knowledgeable for a 6-year-old. I highly doubt one would be able to lecture their mother on the adverse effects of alcohol, or dabble in technology enough to make a ray gun without being some sort of child prodigy. If she IS a genius, then say so - she's definitely more than just smart for her age o-o
Relaxn Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Really? o: I was worried it'd sound convoluted and unoriginal. xD;
I haven't decided yet how SK and his sister ended up. n_n; And even if Ali and Lina get their memories back, they left before a resolution came about, so they wouldn't know, either. o3o

The alcohol lectures more along the lines of, "It makes you stupid and it's dangerous!" x3 Her fear of human capability (a fear I myself had as a child, though I was too afraid to research it) caused her to read up on it.
Hmm... I should narrow down what she's knowledgeable in. x: Perhaps she only knows SOME science (mostly how weapons and the like work; again, her fear of what humans can do spurred her to research all of this) and certain types of math (like the basics and measurements). She's a bad speller, horrible with grammar and proper sentence structure, and sucks at decimals. The only thing she's more knowledgeable than most 6-year-olds in is the construction of weapons. And perhaps to make her ray gun, she took a bunch of weapon-making instructions online and merged them together. She's good at following instructions, so long as there are pictures to help her out. owo; Is that better, overly complicated, still too much?
Roqi Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Naww. ^^
I see! o: I guess that can be yet added to fit in better depending on how the story will go.

That sounds okay, now that you've clarified. :nod: But I'd still add that she was smarter than an average six-year-old... Because I'd totally expect one that was afraid of humans to... believe in a guardian angel really hard or believe her teddy bear will protect her, rather than research and make weapons.
Relaxn Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Since they'll be rp characters, I figured it could be added as time goes on. n_n

Normally, yes. xD But when a 6-year-old crashes to Earth and loses all memory except for a name and her mom, as well as having an unexplained fear of society (her life as a princess is what gave her that fear... I should have put that in the trivia o3o; ), she's not really normal anymore.
I might just change that part of her, though; I don't want a child prodigy as a character. ;; Hard to rp and kinda Sueish.
Roqi Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
Yeah, exactly. x3

Hmm... I guess O: You could play up that part where she's disillusioned. Like, a normal kid still believes the world is a nice, magical place, and that her parents are omnipotent and can protect her from anything - but not Lina. She doesn't believe in fairytales anymore, she knows what the world is like, and she's got the gun to prove it.
...I like that.
I hope you don't mind me picking apart your ideas or anything xD;;
Relaxn Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
That's... basically her mindset. xD You hit the nail on the head. And maybe she just bought the ray gun... or stole it from her father before going back in time. o:
I don't mind! <3 It helps me out, actually; I appreciate it!
Roqi Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Hehe xD
Yeah, I guess that makes sense~
And I'm glad!
Relaxn Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I'll add all that to the description later. xD; Thanks for the ideas! <3
Ehppy Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eeep this picture is really cute and pretty~ *u* I really like the coloring especially on Niya, her hair and clothes are lovely. < 33 And I like the shading on Ali's hair too, the colors look great! Nice job : D
Relaxn Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! <3
I do like how Lina's hair came out. :,D Came out better than Ali's anyway.
Ehppy Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think they both look nice! But I love the color in Lina's hair and just djhddxkg so pretty vuv
Relaxn Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
The pink stripes? You have the NC Mall striped wig to thank for that idea. <3
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